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Consultation Findings

As part of the Adelaide PHN's work to better understand the health needs of our region, consultations with general practice, health professionals, and consumers are undertaken. The findings of these consultations are made available below. 


  • Culturally Appropriate Health Services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People in Adelaide | Summary of Consultation Findings June 2017
    In June 2017, Adelaide PHN held three workshops with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the north, west and south of Adelaide, to explore issues and opportunities related to the provision of culturally appropriate primary health care services. This report provides an overview of the main findings and also outlines our role to:

        - Support our commissioned service providers to provide culturally safe services
        - Continue to work with community members
        - Work with all primary health care providers to develop a more integrated and safe service system

    A download of the Consultation Report including actions being undertaken by the Adelaide PHN is available by clicking here

  • Primary Health Care Service Access for Refugees and New Arrivals Consultation
    In march of 2017, Adelaide PHN undertook a consultation process regarding primary health care access for refugees and new arrivals. 

    A download of the Primary Health Care Service Access for Refugees and New Arrivals Consultation and Workshop Summary Report is available by clicking here


  • Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (MH&AOD) Reform Consultation
    Adelaide PHN held three public forums in February 2016 to discuss Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (MH&AOD) reform, and encourage wide participation in the process. Over 320 service providers and community members attended indicating a high level of interest, excitement and commitment to the reform process.

    ​Additionally, the Adelaide PHN created an online platform to enable service providers, consumers and other interested parties to actively contribute to an online conversation about MH&AOD service reform, and provide information regarding consultation outcomes and MH&AOD data. The Adelaide PHN MH&AOD Online Platform can be accessed here:

    An intensive consultation process was undertaken between February and March 2016 involving 210 people, aimed at improving the relevance and quality of commission processes for MH&AOD services. The consultation activities included online surveys; workshops with relevant sectors, service providers, consumers, carers, community organizations, specialist groups, and other interested parties (government and non-government); and the formation of a Working Advisory Group.

    Two versions of the report is available, a brief overview of the key themes arising from the consultations, and a more detailed report of the themes and also the key issues that made up the themes.

    A download the Brief MH&AOD Consultation Findings by clicking here
    A download the Detailed MH&AOD Consultation Findings by clicking here