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Community Advisory Council



The Adelaide PHN is community owned and community led.

Within the Adelaide PHN Membership Model, there are three Community Advisory Councils (CACs), comprised of community members who collaborate with us to identify regional primary health care priorities with the aim of creating improved, innovative models of health care.

Our CACs bring expertise by experience, providing real-life insight, ensuring that our decisions are patient-centred, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations. They allow community members to actively participate in the decision making process. CACs represent the broad range of factors that shape health care accessibility and usability in the northern, central, and southern regions of Adelaide.  

Community Advisory Council Terms of Reference 

Click on the links below to meet our Community Advisory Council:


Northern Community Advisory Council - DOWNLOAD

Contact: Anna DiSalvatore, Community Engagement Officer



Central Community Advisory Council - DOWNLOAD


Fiona Hill, Community Engagement Officer



Southern Community Advisory Council - DOWNLOAD


Anna DiSalvatore, Community Engagement Officer