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HealthPathways online portal that provides GPs and other health professionals with easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management and localised referral resources for specific health conditions....

Working in partnership, SA Health, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN are implementing HealthPathways across South Australia to support consistent care and management of health conditions and improve the health outcomes and journey of patients through our local health system.

HealthPathways is free and accessible anywhere, anytime. With up-to-date condition specific pathways, and access to relevant patient resources and local service information, HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care to support health professionals in providing quality care.

If you are a health professional in South Australia and would like more information or to register for access to HealthPathways South Australia visit our project site

If you would like more information about how HealthPathways fits into Adelaide PHN's approach to implementing Integrated Care across Adelaide, visit


Who is creating HealthPathways South Australia

HealthPathways South Australia is a partnership between SA Health, Adelaide Primary Health Network and Country SA Primary Health Network. General Practitioners, hospital specialists, nurses, allied and other health professionals will continue to be engaged to collaborate on the localisation of pathways. The partners have established a team to implement HealthPathways South Australia. The HealthPathways team includes metropolitan and country based GP Clinical Editors, Clinical Coordinators and Clinical Leaders from across the primary and acute sectors.


How to get involved

HealthPathways South Australia are facilitating communication and collaboration between health professionals across primary and acute care settings to encourage a greater understanding between the sectors to improve the journeys of all South Australians through our local health system.

The HealthPathways team is keen to hear from General Practitioners, hospital specialists, nurses, allied and other health professionals who are interested in being involved.

We’re keen to hear from you:
Contact us with any questions or enquiries:

Do you want to keep up-to-date with HealthPathways South Australia?
Visit the project site to register for access and for information on the program including; the HealthPathways team, latest news and to view the progress of current pathways being localised and pathways for future localisation.


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