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Network Opportunities

Primary Health Care workforce support is a priority of the Adelaide PHN. Peer support and networking initiatives supporting this priority are listed below.


Peer Support Networks

The Peer Support Networks small grants oppurtunity is for Primary Health Care Managers, Nurses and other Primary Health Care Professionals to facilitate peer support, networking and learning with a focus on quality improvement across the primary health sector. Applications have now closed, once finalised the supported networks will be listed here. 

Interdisciplinary Health Practitioner Network (IHPN)

Adelaide PHN is proud to partner with the IHPN, a pilot project developed by MHPN and AHPA, to establish practitioner networks, each with a focus on multimorbidity. The network meets up to four times a year to support local practitioners from different disciplines to collaborate and network, helping to develop relationships, increase understanding of each other’s expertise, improve referral pathways and, ultimately, patient outcomes. The first Adelaide Interdisciplinary Health Practitioner Network was held on Wednesday 22nd March with the topic: pain management and mental health.  To sign up to receive meeting invitations or for more information please visit