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What we do

The work of Adelaide PHN is achieved via the designing of innovative services and activities for integration into our local region's health system, by the active commissioning of services in response to local health needs, and collaborating with our community and stakeholders. These activites are explored in more detail below but are also captured in our annual reports:

Innovation and Design

Adelaide PHN supports an integrated primary health care system through the design of innovative and flexible services, programs and other activities.

The purpose of the Adelaide PHN Innovation and Design Team is to ensure commissionable activities are designed in a way that supports the greater primary health care system while also meeting APHN objectives and aligning with state and national priorities.

Our role is to understand the system, and address opportunities for improvements. 

The design stage fits in to the greater commissioning cycle.

Central to the design process is ensuring planning addresses the following principles: 

  • Use of a population health lens.
  • Person-centred service design.
  • Ensuring consultation and collaboration with primary care practitioners including general practice enabling a stepped care model in primary health.
  • Flexible and innovative funding models.
  • Activities are targeted and focused.
  • Coordination and integration across the continuum.

For more information, please contact Sarah Murray, Manager, Innovation and Design, at 08 8219 5900. 

Development and Commissioning

The Development and Commissioning Team works collaboratively with other Adelaide PHN teams to effectively and proactively commission services. The team is guided by the Adelaide PHN Commissioning Cycle. Please click here to see our Commissioning Cycle.

The team consists of highly skilled staff from interdisciplinary background from research, evaluation, statistics, geospatial analysis, contracts, compliance, mental health, health promotion, public administration and project management.

Key functions of this team include:

  • Triangulation of population health and service gaps/needs to determine local priorities
  • Commissioning of services and contract negotiation
  • Monitoring and quality assurance of service delivery
  • Capacity building with commissioned service providers
  • Outcome focussed evaluation of commissioned programs and services


The Development and Commissioning Team takes a proactive approach to foster good working relationships with our service providers through contract management and capacity building to ensure ongoing development of our service providers.

The Adelaide PHN advertises commissioning opportunities for a range of health services and projects within the metropolitan Adelaide region. All Adelaide PHN tenders are managed through our eProcurement portal on Tenderlink. Please click here to see our latest opportunities.

For more information, please contact Malcolm Ellis, Development & Commissioning Manager, at 08 8219 5900.


Community Collaborations

The Community Collaborations team is front and centre of Adelaide PHN activities and communications. The team has a strong focus on ‘connecting you to health’ through positive engagement and collaboration with the Adelaide community.

Adelaide PHN has very diverse stakeholders, including primary health care service providers, people who use health services (which is everyone!) and organisations with an interest or interface with primary health care.

Partnership is a key component for the Adelaide PHN to plan for services to collectively meet local health needs. The unique information and insights Adelaide PHN receives by interacting positively with a wide variety of clinicians, individuals, groups and organisations are essential.

Adelaide PHN develops relationships and partnerships with its stakeholders through networking, consulting, listening, informing and advocating. 

Adelaide PHN health advocacy is a strategic method for achieving positive social change to increase community health and wellbeing. It is a way to promote and protect the community’s right to accessible, safe, high quality healthcare, in areas outside the Adelaide PHN’s direct sphere of influence.

Adelaide PHN supports three Clinical Councils, three Community Advisory Councils and seven Health Priority Groups which provide valuable communication and insight into local health care issues.  These Groups are vital to the ability of the Adelaide PHN to commission appropriate services that meet local health care needs, inform PHN activities and assist with the organisation’s strategic direction by advising the Board.

For more information, please contact Alison Smith, Manager, Community Collaborations, at 08 82195900.