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Commissioning Adelaide PHN - An Australian Government Initiative


The Adelaide PHN (APHN) receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Health to commission services which meet the health needs of the Adelaide metropolitan community.

The APHN Commissioning Governance Framework addresses the five phases of the Commissioning Cycle, click here to see the APHN Commissioning Cycle diagram.

The APHN has established an e-Procurement website through TenderLink, to provide health service providers, contractors, consultants and suppliers with access to a range of commissioning opportunities. Please register and create a profile with Tenderlink  to receive email alerts of new commissioning opportunities as they are advertised.

The APHN has made available a suite of population health resources on our community profile and needs. If you wish to find out more, please download the information from the following locations on our website: Needs AssessmentPopulation Health Data - PostcodeMapsHealth Matrixes and Community Profile.


Current Opportunities​

  • Mental Health Shared Care Service (MHSCS) Project RFP
    This project will provide clinical care planning, clinical care coordination and psychological therapy services for eligible individuals with severe and complex mental health and associated co-morbid difficulties, predominately residing in targeted Local Government Areas of the Outer Northern, Outer Southern and Western/Central areas of metropolitan Adelaide. Intereseted applicants should consider the RFP guidelines and direct any enquiries via tenderlink. All applications must be lodged via tenderlink by 12:00 noon Thursday 9 August 2018.


Upcoming Opportunities

  • Palliative Care Quality Improvement Packages
    Residential Aged Care Providers will soon be able to apply for these packages. An agency briefing will be held on the 19th of June between 3:00 and 4:00pm to provide information on the application process. Register for the agency briefing via Eventbrite. For more information on the packages and the Commonwealth's Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure click here


Recently Closed Opportunities

  • Peer Support Network Grants
    Application assessment underway


Commissioned Projects

Commissioned Projects:

  • Cultural Learning for Primary Health Care Providers Program
    Contracts signed with Linking Futures
  • Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS) 
    Contracts signed with Neami (Links to Wellbeing Consortium)
  • Business and Clinical Leadership Training Program (also known as Practice Leadership Advantage Program)
    Contracts signed with BMP Healthcare Consulting
  • Palliative Care Access to Medicines (PCAM) Project
    Contracts signed with Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Healthcare Homes Enhanced Access Grants
    Contracts signed with Arkaba Medical Centre, the Health Hub, and Stables Medical Centre (Health Sense)
  • Integrated Care Hubs Enhanced Access Grant
    Contracts signed with Hackham Medical Centre
  • Mother-Infant Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Mi-DBT) Group Project - Northern Adelaide
    Contracts signed with Northern Health Network
  • Trojan's Trek Project
    Contracts signed with Trojan's Trek Foundation
  • Screening Saves Lives Project
    Contracts signed with James Rickard
  • Headspace Enhancement Initiatives Program
    Contracts signed with Headspace Services Limited and Northern Health Network
  • Extended Primary Care for People Residing in Residential Aged Care Facilities (EPC4RACF) Project
    Contracts signed with Southern Cross Care
  • headspace Onkaparinga
    Contracts signed with Northern Health Network
  • Adelaide Refugees and New Arrivals Project (ARANAP)
    Contracts signed with both the Australian Refugee Association Inc (ARA) and Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service (STTARS)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Peer Support for Cancer Screening Project
    Contracts signed
  • Adelaide Respiratory Health Project
    Contracts signed
  • Primary Care Support –  Peer Support Networks Small Grants
    Contracts signed
  • Adelaide Disability Medical Services Primary Health Care Enhancement Project
    Contracts signed
  • General Practice Outreach Project – Aboriginal Health
    Contracts signed
  • Adelaide PHN Care Connections Initiative – Integrated Care Hubs (ICH)
    Contracts signed
  • Adelaide PHN Care Connections Initiative – Care First
    Contracts signed
  • Adelaide PHN Care Connections Initiative – Local Area Coordinator Services
    Contracts signed
  • SA PHNs and Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) General Practice Liaison Unit (GPLU) Project
    Contracts signed
  • The Dandelion Project (Extended Primary Care for People Residing in Residential Aged Care Facilities (EPC4RACF))
    Contracts signed
  • Living Well with Persistent Pain Program
    Contracts signed
  • Child & Youth Wellbeing in Schools through Literacy – Southern APHN
    Contracts signed
  • Drug and Alcohol Program – Ice Strategy
    Contracts signed
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
    Contracts signed
  • Primary Mental Health Care Program  
    Contracts signed

  • Champion Nurse Immunisation Program
    Contracts signed

  • Incentivising Primary Health Care Providers to Deliver Innovative Approaches to After-Hours Care
    Contracts signed

  • Education/training organisations to provide innovative, multi-disciplinary training and education
    Contracts signed