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Stroke Clinical Guidelines: the good, the bad and the downright annoying!

Time: 5:45PM - 8:00PM

Venue: Rydges South Park 1 South Terrace, Adelaide

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The Stroke Foundation released a new set of nationally-agreed, clinical guidelines in 2017. What does this mean for therapists? What’s their purpose, what should we take note of, and why are they so difficult to navigate? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, why not join Dr Isobel Hubbard in her search for answers. In a 1-hour presentation sponsored by CPDLife, Isobel will recap how clinical guidelines are developed, review their purpose, discuss the grading system and focus on sections of the guidelines that are relevant to therapists. 

Suitable for occupational therapists and allied health professionals. 
There is a cost to attend this event. 
Refreshments provided.