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Aboriginal Community Advisory Council

As well as our Community Advisory Council, we also have one Aboriginal Community Advisory Council with representatives from the northern, central and southern regions of Adelaide.

CACs are groups of community members with lived experience of the primary health care sector and Adelaide PHN's priority areas. CAC members tell Adelaide PHN what is most important to those accessing primary health care services and contribute to the design and development of person-centred care. CACs play a key role in our annual needs assessment process and provide insight into our programs and services. 

We all have experiences managing our health

Find out more about joining the conversation via the join our membership page.

Our current members:

Adelaide PHN’s Aboriginal Community Advisory Council      

Tanya is a descendent of the Ngarluma people of the Western Pilbara and the Nyikina people of the lower Fitzroy River, which her people call the Marturwarra in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Tanya is a tireless advocate for State wards past present and future and she’s determined to make a difference. In fact she’s one of 18 children, seven of whom were eventually made wards of the State. Her paternal grandmother lived on Western Australia‘s Beagle Bay mission along with two of her siblings and Tanya‘s mother and two siblings were also removed and made wards of the State. Tanya sustains an extensive Aboriginal network. She runs a number of online support groups where they uphold the values of an ancient Aboriginal culture and is a self-taught genealogist. In recognition of her selfless community service Tanya received South Australia’s 2015 Spirit of Eureka Award. She was nominated by unions, community organisations, church groups and local activist groups, who greatly appreciated her advocacy and awareness on multiple issues affecting their communities. Tanya currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and she is the mother of four children, who are her primary motivation. She values her Aboriginal culture and wants her children to grow up in touch with their Aboriginal family culture and spiritual heritage.

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