Adelaide PHN Launches PHN Exchange

Adelaide PHN is pleased to announce the launch of PHN Exchange. PHN Exchange is an online platform built by Murray PHN that can display localised, timely, and useable practice specific data to general practices and practice facilitators in our region. This is important as staff supporting and/or interacting with general practices are key enablers for Adelaide PHN to improve overall health outcomes of our community. 

Gathering data from multiple sources, PHN Exchange presents data for general practitioners (GPs), PHN staff and health planners to use in a multitude of ways to better inform decision making. On this platform, GPs can access an overview of data that may be important to their practice, including PIP QI reporting, accreditation, and overall practice snapshots.

The platform also provides access to publicly available general population statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare for the Adelaide PHN region. 

If you would like further information about how to get started with PHN Exchange or have any questions, please contact our Practice Facilitators at or phone 8219 5900.

Further information 

14 June 2023