Adelaide PHN supported medical centre eyes for a win in 2023 Telstra Awards

Adelaide PHN supported Arkaba Medical Centre led a local COVID response in South Australia. 

Arkaba Medical Centre is one of the six South Australian state finalists aiming to take out the 2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards, Championing Health category. The Centre has been recognised for its outstanding work in chronic health management, allied health partnerships, training, and education, and more importantly, its COVID-19 response during the peak.  

Mutation, severity of COVID-19, and fear of the lesser-known virus meant that many clinics were not seeing patients presenting with respiratory symptoms. This left many patients unable to access medical services for their symptoms. 

The Arkaba Medical Centre stepped up to establish SA’s first Commonwealth funded respiratory clinic, the Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic (ACRC).  

“By providing a specialised clinic patients with respiratory symptoms safely and have their health needs addressed. We helped not just patients, but healthcare providers in the community who may have otherwise been subjected to exposure,” Lucy Shearer, manager at the Centre said. 

The centre’s innovative clinic design reduced the risk of person-to-person transmission while making it safe for people with respiratory symptoms to get the diagnosis and care they needed – when they needed it. 

Other state finalists in the Championing Health category are Continence Matters, Creative Therapy Adelaide, Determined2, FBW Gynaecology Plus, and Human Psychology. 


Adelaide PHN onboarded over 200 general practices and four Commonwealth vaccination clinics, including ACRC, to deliver over 2.8 million doses of COVID since the start of the pandemic in 2020.  Adelaide PHN will continue to support the local pandemic response via the distribution of vital resources and services that support our region’s primary health care.

02 February 2023