Adelaide PHN's Innovate Reconciliation Plan - Starting our Reconciliation Journey!

Aboriginal health is one of six National priority areas for Adelaide PHN. We are committed to ensuring that Aboriginal communities are better connected to health, by working with our commissioned service providers to address health inequities and increase access to culturally appropriate services in our region. 

To support our journey to achieve our vision for reconciliation, we established an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to help strengthen our relationships with Aboriginal people and engage staff, stakeholders and our commissioned service providers in our reconciliation strategies and activities. 

After 2 years of consultation with the Aboriginal community, local Elders, our membership groups, stakeholders and staff, Adelaide PHN is excited to announce that our Innovate RAP has received final endorsement from Reconciliation Australia and will span over a period of two years from July 2020 – July 2022. 

Our RAP will support us in achieving almost 60 deliverables under the themes of respect, relationships, opportunities and governance across its duration. Our progress will be publicly reported and monitored by an external review group every six months. 

We very much look forward to embarking on our reconciliation journey. Our steps so far have included:   

  • Endorsement of our Innovate RAP 
  • Formation of our Aboriginal Community Advisory Council 
  • Commissioning Aboriginal specific primary health care services as identified through our needs assessment  
  • Capacity building activities with our commissioned service providers to ensure culturally safe and appropriate services 

We are excited to be joining the 1,000 other organisations across Australia that have formally committed to reconciliation through the RAP Program. 

A copy of our Innovate RAP can be found via our website here.

More information about the RAP Program can be found via Reconciliation Australia's website.

30 September 2020