Introducing Kite Support App

A free resource to help build resilience and support wellbeing of those working in primary health care across the Adelaide region 

Kite Support is a unique app created by a team of mental health and training experts to support those working in primary health care, especially across challenging times. The app has been designed for individuals and staff teams, it is a gentle resource to help you build resilience and take care of your wellbeing as part of your professional development.

Adelaide PHN is providing free access to Kite Support to anyone working in a primary health care related role across the Adelaide metropolitan region.


What is the Kite Support app? 

Kite Support can be thought of as your own personal, achievable and effective resilience training program, delivered to you via a clever app. 

Modules within the app are called 'kites' and each kite is made up of five seperate activities. Each kite will focus on one of four areas for growth: personal, social, leadership and work. You will be able to create your own path within the app by picking the modules that interest you or respond to your needs. 

You may choose to use Kite every day or only periodically, either way Kite works through completion of small achieveable steps. In a fast paced world, Kite invites a slower pace - you work on one kite at a time and completion of each daily activity will trigger the release of the next (you can complete a maximum of one activity per day). This pace encourages focus, supports reflection and allows you time to implement the information as you go.

The Kite Support app also includes a range of guided mindfullness activites - easy relaxation practices you can try when you are on-the-go, feeling overwhelmed or need a break. You will be able to save your favourites within the app and revist them as you need. 


Who is KITE for?

Kite Support has been designed with broad range of professionals in mind, this includes GPs, primary health care nurses, practice managers, pharmacists, mental health and allied health workers, those working in health promotion, project management and admin.

Adelaide PHN is providing free access to Kite Support for anyone working within primary health care across the Adelaide metropolitan region.


Why should I use this app?

Recently, those working in primary care have experienced a unique set of challenges due to COVID-19. Living and working through uncertain times like these can impact the way we think, feel and look after ourselves. Supporting yourself through this time is critial, and we certainly believe that before you can provide care or support for others, you first need to care for yourself.

This app has been created to help individuals consider and reflect on the impact of challenging times and provides essential skills to better adapt and develop resilience during times of change. Whilst this app is a good option for helping support yourself during COVID-19, the content is applicable more broadly and a good way to expand on skills as part of your professional development. For many clinical primary health care providers, use of Kite Support will also contribute towards your continuous professional development (CPD) requirements as a self directed learning activity.

Access to Kite Support is being provided for free to anyone working in a role related to primary health care across the Adelaide region. With content developed by mental health and training experts as well as control over your own pace and journey within the app, Kite Support is an accesible and gentle opportunity to access evidence based mental health support and develop some new skills. 


How to access the Kite Support app for free today! 

To try Kite Support for yourself, simply get in touch with your Adelaide PHN Practice Facilitator and request registration (if you don't know who your practice support officer is you can email the team at

To register for free access, our team only needs

  • an email address (which will serve as your username to login to the app) and
  • to verify you work within the Adelaide metropolitan region

Once verified, our team will confirm your regsitration and email you the details to download, login and start using the Kite Support app. 



Find out more about Kite Support and explore some of our other frequently asked questions via this link

If you have any questions or experience any issues with login following registration please email

22 June 2020