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National Palliative Care Week 2024

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National Palliative Care Week ran from Sunday, May 19th to Saturday May 25th, and served as a period to amplify awareness regarding the pivotal role of palliative care throughout Australia.  

National Palliative Care Week’s primary focus is to promote palliative care while encouraging candid conversations among individuals, their families, and loved ones. In commemoration of National Palliative Care Week, the team at Palliative Care SA presented the Adelaide PHN office with a pull-up banner, asking a thought – provoking question: "When reflecting on the end of life, what matters to me?" Staff members were invited to share their reflections by writing their thoughts on paper and placing them around the banner, thereby showcasing the our staff’s personal perspectives on palliative care.  

In addition to this activity, Adelaide PHN Contracts and Capacity Building Coordinator Brendan McGarry, arranged a compelling session with Palliative Care SA CEO Shyla Mills. Shyla engaged with Adelaide PHN staff, delving into diverse components of palliative care, death literacy, and the critical importance of making informed decisions regarding future healthcare directives. Shyla also highlighted the real and growing need to educate and empower Australians about quality of life towards the end of life.  

These engaging activities, coupled with insights shared by Shyla in the field of palliative care, fostered an environment conducive to openness, compassion, and support surrounding end-of-life care.  

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30 May 2024