Provider Connect Australia™ - helping healthcare providers stay connected

As the end of the financial year approaches, everyone becomes busy with paperwork starts to mount up, keeping your business details up-to-date doesn’t have to become a paper burden anymore. With Provider Connect AustraliaTM (also known as PCA™) is a free initiative of the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) that allows you to update your business information and choose to automatically send those updates to your connected business partners such as:

  • Healthcare directories, booking and review services
  • Primary Health Networks
  • Professional bodies and associations
  • Public health services
  • Secure messaging and information exchanges

As key change enabler of the National Digital Health Strategy, PCA™ provides a secure, fit for purpose and connected digital solution designed to remove the administrative burden of running a healthcare provider organisation.

Callout: Long term, PCA™ will save time, reduce human error, and remove the hassle of filling out multiple forms.

APodA Joins PCA™
One year after its launch, PCA™ continues to make significant strides in supporting Australia's healthcare landscape. Earlier this year the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA) became the first peak body to register for PCA™, marking a milestone achievement for the service. Joining healthcare technology company Foxo, APodA's registration underscores the crucial role of PCA™ in streamlining relationships between healthcare providers and removing administrative burdens. With PCA™, maintaining accurate information about services and practitioners becomes more efficient, reducing paperwork and improving overall accuracy.

According to Australian Digital Health Agency Acting CEO Peter O'Halloran, the inclusion of APodA highlights the broader impact of PCA™: "Our initial focus has been on supporting GPs and pharmacies to register, but they are not the only healthcare providers that face large amounts of paperwork whenever health professionals join or leave their employment."

Health Hunter
For those that are looking to connect with preventative and wellness healthcare providers, Health Hunter has recently onboarded to PCA™ as a business partner. As a digital health platform their mission is to “connect patients with a network of leading preventative health and chronic illness providers, apps, and services - including the ability to search by specific health concern (i.e autoimmune disorders, mental health, endometriosis, gut issues). These are doctors, specialists or allied health practitioners that have particular expertise in these areas, who are committed to helping you proactively manage your health and wellbeing".

How to Register and Stay Informed
You can self-register with PCA™ in your own time. Visit to learn more about

How it works

How to register

• Its growing network of participating business partners

The Agency also offers a dedicated support team that can assist you with registering for PCATM, they can be contacted on (02) 6223 0741 option 3 or via email

29 May 2024