SA Community Pharmacy Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) Resupply Services

From 6 May 2024, eligible women aged 17 to 50 years who have been on an oral contraceptive pill (OCP) for 2 years, have seen a GP or other authorised prescribing healthcare practitioner for review in the last 2 years, and meet certain clinical criteria, will be eligible for SA Community Pharmacy OCP Resupply Services.

Pharmacists must undertake specific training, comply with requirements, and follow treatment guidelines and professional standards. Pharmacists are not permitted to initiate or change therapy. 

Patients will be asked about their current treatment and undergo a clinical review. Patients will be referred to a GP or other healthcare professional as appropriate. You may receive referrals from pharmacists as part of the service.

This service is complementary to GP care and offers timely access and choice for patients. 

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09 May 2024