Wellbeing Starts with You – An Online Support and Learning Platform for Adelaide’s Primary Health Care Providers

Adelaide PHN in collaboration with AGPAL are pleased to be bringing a second wellbeing support option to primary health care providers working across the Adelaide region. 

The launch of Wellbeing Starts With You, an online module based learning and support platform, offers an exciting new approach to self-care and team connection during times of challenge and change. 

The vision for this platform is to create a destination for Adelaide’s primary health care workforce, where wellbeing, self-care and mental health resources can be accessed, encouraging circles or communities of support across our metropolitan region. 

Wellbeing Starts With You will allow you to work with your team to better understand what this new way of working means for you personally and professionally, and how to take care of yourself and each other through times of challenge and change.

The platform includes three modules:

  • self care for a primary health care workforce under pressure
  • coping as a team during a crisis
  • mapping out your personal and professional journey - tips, tools and resources

The launch of Wellbeing Starts With You follows the successful launch of the Kite Support app earlier in June - a unique app aiming to help build resilience and support wellbeing of those working in primary health care. Whilst the two support options share the intention of building resilience and supporting wellbeing of providers, the content and delivery of each platform are different. 

Both Kite Support and Wellbeing Starts With You are being offered for free for 12 months to primary health care providers across the Adelaide metropolitan region in  in acknowledgement of the impact of COVID-19 on your work environments and in recognition that wellbeing support is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. The content of each platform, whilst complimentary is distinct and the mode of delivery is different. We warmly encourage all Adelaide metropolitan providers to try one option or to try both!

To access Wellbeing Starts With You simply fill in the registration form (wellbeingstartswithyou.com.au) and start exploring!

Learn more about the Kite Support app here. To access Kite Support for free, simply email your practice facilitator (if you don't know who your practice facilitator is you can email the team at practicesupport@adelaidephn.com.au). 

06 July 2020