Refugee Week

World Refugee Day/Week Lunchbox Session

Refugee Week

World Refugee Day (Thursday 20 June) coincides with Refugee Week, an Australian-led initiative providing opportunity to acknowledge, share and learn about refugee experiences.

This year’s Refugee Week theme “Finding Freedom” – focuses on family and highlights the resilience, strength, and unity that defines the refugee experience. The theme emphasises the transformative power of familial bonds in the face of adversity and the crucial role families play in providing solace, support, and a sense of belonging to those forced to flee their homelands (Refugee Council Australia).

World Refugee Day is an opportunity to show solidarity with individuals who are forcibly displaced people in our communities (The United Nations Refugee Agency). Currently, over 82 million people are displaced across the globe currently, the highest number since the end of World War II. In 2023-2024, Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program increased to 20,000 places per year (Refugee Council of Australia).

Adelaide PHN proudly commissions a number of programs which provide care and support to Refugee and Multicultural community members across the Adelaide PHN region.

The ARANAP (Adelaide Refugee and New Arrivals Program) team attended the Adelaide PHN office for an education session on Thursday June 20th, 2024. The team shared their experiences supporting Refugee community in the primary care space as well as how they work with primary care professionals to provide safe and appropriate care to Refugee community through the capacity building arm of the program. This session the Adelaide PHN team to learn, reflect and ask questions.

ARANAP is delivered by Survivors of Torture and Trauma Advocacy Service (STTARS) and Australian Refugee Association (ARA) and commissioned by the Adelaide PHN.

To learn more about Refugee week please visit the Refugee Council of Australia website.

For more information about the ARANAP program, please head to the program website and watch this video.

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02 July 2024