Smiling older man with healthcare worker outside

Leg Ulcer and Compression Therapy Workshop - 1 day

Smiling older man with healthcare worker outside

Wound Innovations in conjunction with Essity is proud to present a one-day Leg Ulcer and Compression Therapy Workshop. This workshop will cover the assessment and management of common lower leg ulcer aetiology and the assessment and application of compression therapy.
Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of wound healing and wound care prior to attending this workshop.

Key topics:

  • An understanding of Leg Ulcer prevalence
  • Differentiation between leg ulcer aetiology
  • Ability to assess the patient, wound and limb in relation to compression therapy use
  • Understanding of steps to take in maintaining skin integrity
  • Ability to deliver appropriate patient education to support informed decision making
  • A working knowledge of available compression therapy and application of each.

The day will be split into theory in the morning and a practical hands-on supported learning in the afternoon.


Marion Hotel & Cellars
849 Marion Road
Mitchell Park SA 5043

Date Monday, March 25, 2024 at 8:30am - 4:30pm
Duration   8h