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GP PASA - an online tool for GPs seeking 291 psychiatric assessment

This service assists GPs & patients with accessing one-off psychiatric assessments provided under MBS Item Number 291. The service is supported by a website that facilitates psychiatrists to register and list suitable appointments. GPs seeking a referral for patients send a Mental Health Treatment Plan & referral letter to the Central Referral Unit (CRU) who clinically triage patients. Clinical Care Coordinators assess & match patients to the next available 291 appointments whilst maintaining engagement with GP & patient.

Process Summary for GPs referring adults*

  1. GPs should complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan, psychiatry referral letter (more details at link below) & send to the Central Referral Unit by secure messaging/fax

  2. Central Referral Unit will clinically triage, review & allocate a Clinical Care Coordinator

  3. Clinical Care Coordinators will assess & match suitable patients to available MBS 291 appointments & maintain engagement with the patient & GP

  4. Following patient attendance to psychiatrist appoitnment, GPs and patients should await psychiatrist's assessment report

For more details, visit gppasa.net.au/for-gps/the-process-for-gps/

*for children or young people under 18 year olds please call 1800 721 899 to refer.

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