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Primary Mental Health Care Services in Residential Aged Care Facilities – Supporting Emotional Wellness in Aged Care

This service provides free onsite low-intensity services and psychological therapies for people living in residential aged care facilities across metropolitan Adelaide. The service is available for residents ‘at risk’ of mild to moderate mental illness; or with a diagnosed mental health condition with either mild to moderate symptoms, or which is severe and episodic in nature and will benefit from short-term psychological therapies. Psychological therapies provided are evidence based, short-term, and delivered via an in-reach model as either individual or group sessions.

Please note: This service is not suitable for residents with significant behavioural issues, dementia with severe cognitive features, delirium, or severe and persistent complex needs that would be better managed by specialised health or mental health services.  

As an innovative service being introduced across the Adelaide PHN region, a phased implementation process will be undertaken. Services will not be available across the Adelaide metropolitan region immediately but will commence February 2020 and expand over the following months. 

Residential aged care facilities must register to be part of the program. The process for a RACF to register is described in the RACF Implementation Guide that can be accessed by contacting the Adelaide PHN Mental Health Enquiry Line: 1300 898 213, or go to the registration page here 

All referrals for services will be allocated through the Adelaide PHN Central Referral Unit (CRU)* for Primary Mental Health Care Services.  

  • Send by Secure Message:
    EDI: adphncru

    ID: CRU 
  • Mental Health Enquiry Line: 1300 898 213  

Referrals should be completed on the Mental in Residential Aged Care Facilities Referral Form (download here) by a registered nurse, GP, psychiatrist or psychologist who can confirm a diagnosis of mental illness. It is preferential that the GP is the referring agent; this is because a medical review may be required prior to commencement of psychological services.  

*CRU fax referrals have been phased out. If you need support with a CRU referral please contact the mental health enquiry line. For support with setting up practice software or using secure messaging, please contact our digital health officers

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