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Walk In After Hours Mental Health Services

Adelaide PHN commissions two Walk In After Hours Mental Health Services across the metropolitan region to provide assessment, support & referral services for adults (16yrs+) experiencing mental health challenges. The northern service operates from Sonder’s Edinburgh North premises, the southern service from the Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic. Both services support a step up to the care available from after hours online or phone based services, provide an alternative to hospital presentation, & are staffed by mental health clinicians & peer support workers. See referral section for details.

Referral or booking is not required, community members may self present to these services.

Southern Service (for adults 16+)

  • Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic
    Alexander Kelly Dr, Noarlunga Centre
    Monday to Friday | 5:00pm-10:00pm
    (service hours updated as of September 2021)
    Visit the southern service webpage

Northern Service (for adults 18+)

  • Sonder’s Edinburgh North Premises
    2 Peachey Road, Edinburgh North
    Monday to Friday | 5:00pm-9:00pm
    (service hours updated as of September 2021)
    After hours phone: 8209 0711
    Visit the northern service webpage


Please note, both services are intended to provide immediate and short term mental health support for people (aged 16 years and over) who are experiencing mental health challenges such as stress, grief, anxiety, depression and situational crisis. 

These walk in services are not acute crisis or emergency services and are unable to meet the needs of people who are:

  • actively suicidal
  • actively experiencing psychosis
  • currently under the influence of alcohol or substances
  • at high risk of aggression or violence
More Information

After Hours Phone (northern service)
8209 0711

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