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Fourth GP Respiratory Clinic Opens In Metropolitan Adelaide

Fourth GP Respiratory Clinic Opens In Metropolitan Adelaide

A fourth Commonwealth-funded dedicated Respiratory Clinic has opened today in the metropolitan area to support the continuation of South Australia’s COVID-19 testing efforts and boost local health system capacity.

The Athelstone Respiratory Clinic will support the assessment, testing and diagnosis of patients with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms.

Like the existing three Respiratory Clinics across metropolitan Adelaide, anyone experiencing respiratory symptoms can book an appointment via the telephone or online. Patients will then be allocated an appointment to be assessed by a GP and can access onsite testing for COVID-19. Patients will be provided initial advice for any condition diagnosed, after which ongoing care will transition back to their usual GP if appropriate. All Respiratory Clinic services will be provided at no cost to the patient.

The Athelstone Respiratory Clinic opens from today, Monday 11 May, with appointments available Monday to Thursday between 1.30pm and 5.30pm.

Book an appointment at any metropolitan Adelaide GP Respiratory Clinic online via this link or over the phone:

  • North Eastern Respiratory Clinic – 08 7089 5799
  • Reynella Respiratory Clinic - 0478 455 771
  • Central Adelaide Respiratory Clinic – 0401 142 608
  • Athelstone Respiratory Clinic - 0482 050 687

A flyer is available to download to promote each of the four GP-led Respiratory Clinics here

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