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Peer Support Network Grants

Peer Support Network Grants

Adelaide PHN is pleased to announce the opening of our 2019-20 Peer Support Network Grants!

These grants offer the chance for both individuals and organisations working in primary health care to facilitate peer support & networking, and have a focus on supporting quality improvement across the primary health care sector. The funding aims to support network coordination and other nominal costs such as catering. 

Adelaide PHN has run these grants for a number of years now as part of our role in building capacity of the local primary health care workforce and fostering opportunities for greater collaboration and integration.

Successful applications from the 2018-19 round of network grants included the SA Pharmacist Credentialed Diabetes Educator Network (metro wide), Southern Practice Managers Network (southern Adelaide), Northern Nurse Network (northern Adelaide) and the Cancer Forum (metro wide). In the 2017-18 Round of these grants, the Southern Practice Managers Network (SPMN) saw the practice managers of a group of local general practices get together to share ideas and discuss issues affecting their area. The SPMN provided a space to discuss problems common to the practice group (such as back-up batteries for vaccination fridges) and changes to health services and hospitals in their area. It also provided a level of personal support to the members, knowing that they have a group of like-minded people to help when responding to challenges. 

The 2018-19 Peer Support Network Grants aim to provide support to enable networks to meet four times per year within a 12 month period commencing November 2019.

Applications close 21 October 2019.

The guidelines & and application form are linked and can also be found on our Sponsorships and Grants page. 

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