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Supporting primary care

A comprehensive hub for information relating to our primary care related activities and programs.
women sitting at a desk and typing at a computer
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General practice support

Adelaide PHN provides and commissions a range of services, programs, and activities to support and build capacity of the primary health care workforce. Our focus is predominately general practice but we do offer support to specialists, allied health, and pharmacy.

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MyMedicare, a voluntary patient registration system for general practice. We have been working with general practice in our region to improve their understanding & readiness for the MyMedicare launch.

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Aged Care

Aged care is a Priority Area for Adelaide PHN, we aim to facilitate and establish person centred services that enable and empower older people.

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The Adelaide PHN Immunisation Hub supports both immunisation providers and community across South Australia to better understand the benefits of vaccination.

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HealthPathways SA

HealthPathways is an online portal that provides GPs and other health professionals with easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management, and localised referral resources for specific health conditions. 

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Urgent Care

Urgent care services help to reduce the pressure on the hospital system and enable people to see a doctor or nurse (typically in a community setting) when they require urgent, but not life-threatening care.

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Integrated Care

Adelaide PHN is investing in innovative and integrated care models in order to better meet the needs of people living with chronic and complex conditions locally and to support the building of a more effective local health system. Elements of integrated care underpin all Adelaide PHN programs and commissioned services and are expressed through Adelaide PHN’s Integrated Care Framework.

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Primary care resource library

Supporting local primary health care providers with access to resources

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Therapeutic Guidelines – eTG complete

Adelaide PHN provides licenses to the digital format ‘eTG complete’ resource for GPs and practice nurses working across the Adelaide metropolitan region.

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IAR-DST Training

PHNs nationally have established an IAR Team to support dissemination of information and provide training to use and embed the IAR-DST in clinical practice (as appropriate).

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Family, Domestic & Sexual Violence

Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN, in partnership, have received Commonwealth funding to participate in Round 2 of a national pilot to strengthen the capacity of the primary care sector to respond to family, domestic and sexual violence (FDSV) (including child sexual abuse), and to support primary care practices to create a space where victim-survivors feel safe to share their story and seek help.

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Digital health initiatives

Our digital health team is dedicated to supporting health care providers with digital health initiatives and transformation. Digital technology is a key aspect of providing high quality health care by connecting different parts of the system together.

Last updated: May 24, 2024