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Primary Mental Health

Adelaide PHN commissions a wide range of primary mental health care services and activities across the metropolitan Adelaide region. 

Services are commissioned in alignment with a Stepped Care Model; facilitating the provision of care across the continuum from early intervention, to mild, moderate, or chronic/complex related care. This includes services for children, young people, parents, adults and older people. 

Sonder and Links to Wellbeing - are the two major primary mental health commissioned providers. Sonder provides services across the continuum in the northern and central-western areas of Adelaide, and Links to Wellbeing in the southern and central areas. Additionally Adelaide PHN commission a range of other experienced primary mental health care providers to deliver more specialised mental health services. These include services specifically targeting Aboriginal people, individuals from CALD backgrounds, mothers in the perinatal period, young people with comorbid presentations, children, or people with more complex presentations.

Adelaide PHN also works to supports a range of capacity building and integration activities both within and outside the primary mental health care space. For instance, HealthPathways South Australia provides a suite of mental health clinical pathways, along with comprehensive state wide referral information for use during consultation by GPs and other health professionals.


Referrals to our Primary Mental Health Care Services

Referral to our primary mental health care services are supported by our Central Referral Unit. This unit consists of both administrative and clinical functions, receiving and clinically triaging all referrals from the region and providing timely allocation of referrals to the most appropriate step of care and provider. This unit operates 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

  • Referrals preferred via Secure Messaging 
    EDI: adphncru

    ID: CRU 
  • Referrals via fax
    Please note, Adelaide PHN has phased out fax referals to the CRU. Providers can contact the mental health enquiry phone line for more information. For support setting up practice software to enable secure messaging, please contact our digital health officers 
  • Mental Health Enquiry Phone Line 1300 898 213 providing information to referrers, community members and providers regarding local services 
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