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Early intervention for chronic pain in teenagers is critical to prevent ongoing pain, life burden and health system impact. However, care for teenagers with chronic pain is spread across many health services from the local doctor to the emergency department, and the only dedicated service in SA, the Paediatric Chronic Pain Service, has limited capacity. To provide better care early, we must change the way teenagers with chronic pain are currently managed. This project will co-design a process of care to help teenagers with chronic pain in SA in a community-based setting with a range of healthcare providers.

What is the purpose of this research?
The purpose of this research is to co-design an early intervention model of care based in the community to better manage chronic pain for adolescents. The care model will involve partnership with GPs and ensure connected and coordinated care across primary care and on to tertiary care (such as pain management units).  This model of care will be co-designed with adolescents with chronic pain and their parents/carers as well as the research team and other experts in South Australia.
In addition to the two consumer advisory groups formed as part of this project – a Parent/Carer Advisory Group and a Youth Advisory Group and 15 interviews with adolescents with chronic pain -  we wish to interview 5 GPs to provide the GP perspective on the model of care. 

What does my participation involve?
Participants will be asked to attend one 60 MINUTE meeting online on the platform Zoom or face to face. 
You will receive the amount agreed on for participation under the SA Health Guidelines for sitting fees for GPs:
$226.40 (1 hour) Prorated at 15 minute intervals • $56.60 (15 minutes) • $113.20 (30 minutes) • $169.80 (45 minutes)

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