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Unsolicited Proposals

Adelaide PHN accepts unsolicited proposals from applicants for assessment, to support the provision of services or projects that will respond to the identified health needs of the Adelaide region.

An unsolicited proposal is an approach made by an applicant (e.g. an organisation or primary care provider) seeking funding for an innovative health initiative or service. All proposals must identify and establish how the proposed service or activity will effectively respond to local identified health needs.

Unsolicited proposals can be submitted to Adelaide PHN during the open period between 1 October and 15 January each financial year. Applications will be assessed after 15 January each year.

The process of submitting an Unsolicited Proposal is detailed below including links to the online application form and tools to support your application.

Unsolicited proposals are:

Instigated by organisations or potential providers seeking funding from Adelaide PHN to address established health needs in the community

The process in summary

1. Prepare application

Review and consider Adelaide PHN supporting resources (linked below) and reflect on how the proposed service or project aligns with our organisation including our objectives, funding requirements and priorities. Guidelines to support applicants are coming soon. 

2. Submit application

Using the online application form, clearly define the proposed service or project and identify how it is unique and will respond to local need. Submit applications between 1 October and 15 January each financial year.

3. Application assessment

All lodged proposals are reviewed and assessed by Adelaide PHN as a group after 15 January each year.

4. Applicants informed of outcome

Want to Submit an Unsolicited Proposal?

Information for applicants

Before submitting an unsolicited proposal, applicants should reflect on the purpose and priorities of Adelaide PHN - from our key objectives, to our local priority populations and National Priority areas.

When submitting a proposal, applicants must clearly identify the health need(s) being addressed by the proposal and describe how the proposal aligns with the role and work of Adelaide PHN - links to relevant information, governing documents and resources are linked in the right hand column.

Applications must be completed using the online application form. Applicants may attach supporting documentation however the attachments must be referred to in the submitted application form. Applicants please note, Adelaide PHN may not necessarily review these as part of the assessment.

Received applications will be held by Adelaide PHN and assessed after 15 January each financial year. 

All funding is dependent on continued funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Links and resources to support your application

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