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Clinical Suicide Prevention Services - immediate short term clinical intervention

Delivered by mental health clinicians at Sonder, Links To Wellbeing & Psychmed; clinical suicide prevention services provide immediate short term clinical intervention for people at risk of suicide or self-harm. Access to a mental health clinician is provided within 24hrs with in person appointments within 72hrs (excl. weekends & pub. hols). The services focus on risk assessment, management, skills development & short solution focused therapy. Clients at acute & immediate risk of suicide, self-harm, or harm to others will be appropriately referred to relevant emergency or crisis services.

Referral Information

Adelaide PHN’s Central Referral Unit (CRU) and Mental Health Enquiry Line ceased operation on 1 July 2023 and amalgamated with the Head to Health Phone Service. 

All mental health referrals and enquiries will now be made via the Head to Health Phone Service using the details below - 

  • Enquiries
    Head to Health Phone Service - 1800 595 212 
  • Referrals
    Secure messaging via HealthLink 
    HealthLink | EDI: adphncru

Should you require any technical support or have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Digital Health team at digitalhealthinfo@adelaidephn.com.au.

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