Supporting Professional Networks

Adelaide PHN supports a variety of professional networks across the Adelaide region as part of our role in building capacity of the local primary health care workforce and fostering opportunities for greater collaboration and integration.  

Explore general information and connections to some of the networks we are supporting to the right.

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Supporting the Primay Care Workforce
Clinical Councils
Sponsorships and Grants

Adelaide PHN supports the Adelaide GP Council. This council provides a forum for GPs to address issues affecting general practice and delivery of effective care in the community as well as support GP representation, input and advocacy across the sector. 

The Interdisciplinary Health Practitioner Network (IHPN) supports practitioners from a range of disciplines and provides a forum for building connections and relationships, providing peer support, and improving referral pathways. The IHPN has a focus on chronic conditions and supporting practitioners who are managing patients with multimorbid conditions. 

This network is a collaboration between the Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) and the Allied Health Professions of Australia (AHPA). Adelaide PHN supports the local Adelaide network and warmly encourages all practitioners to attend.

The Immunisation Provider Network (IPN) provides a forum for immunisation providers to interact, share ideas, discuss concerns, and seek guidance or advocacy on issues affecting local providers. 

The SA PHN Immunisation Hub supports the Immunisation Provider Network (IPN) by facilitating three metropolitan and one rural meeting across SA each year and by providing secretariat support for the network. 

Join the IPN via the SA Immunisation Hub Website 

Across recent years, Adelaide PHN has offered small grants to individuals and organisations working in primary health care to support their running of local peer networks. These grants have provided funding to support network coordination and other nominal costs such as catering. 

Successful applications from the 2018-19 round of network grants are listed below: 

  • Practice Managers in the South - southern Adelaide 
  • SA Pharmacist Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDEs) Network – metro wide 
  • SA Practice Pharmacists – east and outer southern Adelaide  
  • Central Nurse Network – central Adelaide 
  • Northern Nurse Network - northern Adelaide 
  • Southern Nurse Network - southern Adelaide 
  • Northern Practice Managers Network - northern Adelaide 
  • Southern Practice Managers Network - southern Adelaide 
  • Metro Wide Practice Owners Network – metro wide 
  • The Cancer Forum - metro wide 
  • Southern Nurse Peer Support Network – southern Adelaide 

Those interested in future grants should sign up to our Primary Links newsletter and keep an eye out on our Sponsorships and Grants page.   

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