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Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal health is a key priority area for Adelaide PHN. We commission a range of programs and activities as part of our commitment to improving health outcomes and accessibility of primary health care for Aboriginal people. 

We are working alongside the Aboriginal community to develop strategies to improve primary health care locally. We have done this via activities including community consultation and the establishment of an Aboriginal Community Advisory Council.

One strategy we are implementing involves the commissioning of services that are specialised and designed to respond to the health needs of Aboriginal people. Another strategy involves working towards building the capacity of mainstream primary health care providers. Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Commissioning cultural learning sessions for primary health care providers (find out more here)
  • Developing Aboriginal health focussed clinical pathways and information within HealthPathways South Australia
  • Promotion of MBS item numbers for services working with Aboriginal people

Providers can find relevant resources and links to support their delivery of culturally approporiate primary health care for Aboriginal people on this page.  Explore more of our commissioned services responding to the health needs of Aboriginal people below.  

Aboriginal health resources and links for primary health care providers


The above element represents consultation and accountability and is part of an artwork by Allan Sumner 

Information for General Practitioners on Improving Access to Primary Health

Improving Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Cultural Learning and Training for Primary Health Care Providers

Share Our Pride
Reconciliation Australia's online learning site

Centre for Cultural Competence
An online, accredited cultural competence course

Tafe SA Aboriginal Access Centre
Support for Aboriginal students

Linking Futures

GPex Learning and Growing Together
Introduction to Aboriginal health for registrars

Explore our commissioned services and programs focussed on improving the health of Aboriginal people 

or explore all of our programs via our directory of programs and services page

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